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Special Announcement from Pastor Brent: 

Click link to download official statement or read it below:

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Announcement: CityChurch San Antonio Updated Covid-19 Protocols


Last week the CDC released new guidelines that ease mask wearing protocols for fully vaccinated individuals. This decision makes for big changes really quickly. Organizations, families and individuals are having to wrestle with how they will move forward and step into the new normal.


But these guidelines do not change the way we make decisions here at CityChurch. Throughout the pandemic we’ve used the lens of “how do we love our neighbor best?” to make our decisions about gathering together, social distancing and mask protocols on our campus. We’ve also considered the guidance of medical experts, federal, state and local leaders as they’ve navigated keeping our communities safe. We have also had ongoing conversations with church leaders and prayed a great deal. And this is what CityChurch has decided.

First, our protocol:

1. In light of the new CDC guidance, beginning with services this weekend, May 23rd, we will no longer require masks on our plaza, in the auditorium and video café, or for staff, volunteers and attendees who have been fully-vaccinated.


2. We will also no longer block off rows in the auditorium. We will keep the socially distant row spacing in the front half of the Video Cafe for those who wish to attend live and sit in socially distant seating.


3. We will continue to follow the Northside Independent School District’s lead, and require masks for kids, staff and volunteers in the KidCity preschool and elementary buildings through the end of the school year on June 3rd. On June 6th will be the first Sunday where we will have masks OPTIONAL in the KidCity buildings for our kids and we will not require masks for fully vaccinated staff and volunteers.

That’s our new protocol. Now let me say something about our posture:


I am asking you to respond to others with grace as everyone adjusts to stepping into the new normal. We all are making difficult decisions regarding what we believe is best for us and our various situations. Some of us will choose to continue to wear masks even though we are fully vaccinated. Some of us will choose not to wear masks since we are fully vaccinated. Some of us will choose not to get vaccinated.


But no matter who decides what, we will show people love and grace and compassion. We will continue to love our neighbors, even the neighbors we may disagree with or who may have a different opinion than our own as we navigate this New Normal together.


CityChurch exists so all people can believe and thrive in Jesus. We are able to accomplish this mission because of the grace culture that each of you help us create. Thank you for helping us navigate this new normal together full of LOVE and GRACE! God bless you and I look forward to seeing you this weekend!

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