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There is power when we pray as individuals and even more when we pray in unity. 

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Not sure how to pray... find some additional video resources by clicking here.

We've made it easy to follow along on the 21 days of prayer.

Use the prompts below to help guide you each day with a specific prayer topic. 

Your Great Thing – 

God, I pray for [insert your “great thing”]. I trust that 

when I ask you in prayer, I will see greater things.

Day 1 -

Sunday, January 9 

Day 2 -

Monday, January 10

Spouse – 

God, thank you for my husband/wife. Please help me to love them the way you do.

Future Spouse – 

God, I pray for my future husband/wife. I pray for your 


Day 3 -

Tuesday, January 11

Children – 

God, thank you for the gift of children. Please bless them as they go about their day, protect them from all evil and fulfill 

your purpose for their lives.

Family – 

Lord, help me to love and care for my family even when it is difficult. Help me to be a peacemaker.

Day 4 -

Wednesday, January 12

Day 5 -

Thursday, January 13

Purpose – 

Father, show me anything in my life that is holding me back from living my purpose and remove it. 

Day 6 -

Friday, January 14

Relationships – 

God, please restore my relationship with ________. Help me do my part to make things right.

Day 7 -

Saturday, January 15

Friends – 

God, thank you for my 

friendship with ________. Help me to love them like Jesus.

Day 8 -

Sunday, January 16

Social Action Partners –

Bless Casa Hogar, Strong Foundation, and Liberia Now and give them compassion, wisdom and grace as they help those in need.

Day 9 -

Monday, January 17

Health/Healing – 

God, heal me according to your words. Heal my soul and body. In Jesus’ name.

Miracles – 

God, I humbly ask that you work supernatural miracles in my life, my family, my neighborhood and throughout the world

Day 10 -

Tuesday, January 18

Day 11 -

Wednesday, January 19

Fear/Anxiety – 

God, calm my fears and anxieties and help me trust in you completely.

Day 12 -

Thursday, January 20

Wisdom – 

God, give me the wisdom to make the right decisions that honor you.

Neighbor – 

God, please bless my neighborhood. Our homes, schools, parks, libraries, and places we eat, work and play. Let our community be a place of peace and love.

Day 13 -

Friday, January 21

Day 14 -

Saturday, January 22

Finances – 

God, help me to trust you with my finances and not to worry 

about my situation but instead give thanks for all the blessings that I have.

Day 15 -

Sunday, January 23

Our Workplaces – 

God, thank you for my job. Allow me to be a light at work so that others learn more about you.

Educators – 

God, continue to equip, encourage, and strengthen our educators. Use their gifts and talents, give them wisdom and keep them safe.

Day 16 -

Monday, January 24

Day 17 -

Tuesday, January 25

Next Generation – 

God, move mightily among the next generation. Awaken, 

equip and empower young people everywhere to believe 

and follow Jesus.

Day 18 -

Wednesday, January 26

Frontline Workers – 

Lord, protect frontline workers from exposure to this virus and keep them safe. Give them the strength to carry on each day and comfort their weary hearts.

Day 19 -

Thursday, January 27

Our City – 

Lord please bless and watch over [my city]. Protect the orphans, widows and those who need the most help.

Day 20 -

Friday, January 28

Our Nation – 

Father, I pray that you heal our nation and guide our 

leaders at all levels to make wise decisions that honor You.

Day 21 -

Saturday, January 29

Legacy Center – 

God, open doors for us to influence and impact this 

community for Your glory. Help to serve in tangible ways that really help.

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