Welcome Home

Welcome to CityChurch San Antonio! 

CityChurch SA exists so that all people can believe and thrive in Jesus. And when we say all people we mean you, just as you are. That's why we've made it our priority to create a safe space for you to investigate Jesus and pursue freedom in community.

Hundreds of lives have been changed by making one small decision: getting connected. 

We hope you'll take your first step by participating in our Sunday experience in person or watching online.  

You are welcome here. 

Believe in Jesus

God has given us all a free gift: Grace. We believe that if you make the decision to believe in Jesus, you have made the decision to accept this free gift and have secured your salvation. 


Find Freedom Together 

For some, this gift can be hard to accept due to the hurts and unhealed wounds we've accumulated through life. But, there is hope. We believe you can find freedom together in community through small groups, participating in our programs and serving.

Live Your Purpose

As old wounds are healed, they make room for your gifts to reveal themselves.  We believe that each of us have been given certain talents and characteristics that together will help you fulfill your unique purpose in life. 

This is our hope for you. 


Our Executive Pastors


Lead Pastor

Brent Saathoff


Executive Pastor

Michele Jech


Associate Pastor

Jon Pyle


Spiritual Formation Pastor

Yolanda Lopez