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Register for the next PTO cohort 

Each PTO cohort has a limited number of spots.  In order to claim your spot, register today for the next upcoming PTO orientation where you can decide whether PTO is the right next step for you. We offer PTO in both English and Spanish. 


Freedom and Lifelong Friendships

Hundreds of lives changed. 

PTO is a 6-month program that utilizes a proven curriculum to guide individuals through a process of recovery and healing while in community.


Here is Liz's story. 

"Saying yes to Jesus was just the beginning..."

No longer a slave. 

For Zach, PTO revealed wounds that he didn't even know were there and set him on the path to freedom.  

Today, he credits his experience in PTO with helping him discover his life's purpose. 



Your story isn't finished...

During PTO you'll discover that your story has the power to not only impact your life, but also transform the lives of those around you. Hear how PTO has impacted marriage and their families.

Are you ready to take back control of your story?

pto alumni

Life after PTO will never be the same.  You are forever part of a family committed to your growth and healing.  Here are some ways to stay connected and pay it forward.  

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Join our private Alumni Facebook Group 


Become a sponsor


Donate a PTO Scholarship

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